Handling Instructions:

Handling Instructions for our Fresh-Frozen, Unpastuerized Tempeh


  • ​Our Tempeh is flash frozen to preserve it's freshness. Our Tempeh is best if kept frozen until use.Thawing frozen Tempeh is simple either over night in your refrigerator or briefly steamed. Once thawed, keep refrigerated and use within 3 days.


  • Our Tempeh MUST BE COOKED before eating, and should not be eaten raw. Tempeh is a living food and safe handling practices must be used when preparing Tempeh: clean hands, surfaces, cutting boards, and utensils with soap and hot water before and after use..

What is Tempeh?


Tempeh is a traditional Indonesian food made by a natural fermentation process of beans. Our tempeh provides a unique, rich source of (LOCAL!) plant based protein.The fermentation process breaks down the beans into an easily digestible food that has a meaty texture and a slightly mushroomy-nutty flavor.


Tempeh is an extremely versatile food to cook with. You can slice it in any shape you wish, crumble it, mash it, cube it, or cook it whole. It can be steamed, sautéed, fried, grilled, baked, or whatever your recipe calls for! You can use it anywhere you would use meat, tofu, or beans.


For vegans and vegetarians, tempeh is a great alternative to heavily processed vegetarian proteins, as it is much easier for your body to digest, and is very close to it's whole food form.


Tempeh can be enjoyed by folks on any diet, we have many meat-eating customers that love it! Tempeh is not just for vegetarians!!


We make our MOFGA certified organic Tempeh on our farm in small, weekly batches in our commercial kitchen. Our Tempeh is not pasteurized, like most of the mass-produced Tempeh on the market.

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Our Tempeh:



We make Traditional Soybean Tempeh (no grains). Our beans are certified, organically grown. Our Tempeh has a deliciously mild, nutty flavor & is tender, yet firm. Easy to cook with and incredibly satisfying!









Our Ingredients:


1) Soybeans: certified organic, USA grown soybeans.


2) Tempeh Culture (or Starter): comes from Top Cultures in Belgium. This is extremely high quality culture that goes through a variety of testing before shipped

 3) Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. As often as we can, we use vinegar  produced by the wonderful Bob and Mia of Sewall's Orchard from Lincolnville, Maine and is certified organic by MOFGA. When we do not have Sewall's ACV, we use Bragg's Organic ACV. (*although not an actual ingredient, we use vinegar in our cooking water to help facilitate the fermentation process)​